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We offer banks a faster, cheaper way to take digital products to market supported by an a Cloud platform that offers not only speed but assurance in the toughest of markets


You could but our 'magic' is in the speed and the process, we understand your environment and work fast with a structured way of delivering insight and solutions which other digital delivery options do not provide

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We work in Agile cycles and promote 100% transparency, once signed up we will ask you to nominate a product owner/champion (with reasonable time commitments) who will ensure that you are getting what you want out of the process

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We differentiate ourselves by being a highly professional team that have decades of combined financial services experience, tackling some of the toughest compliance processes, architectural discussions and budgeting

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Some key challenges we have worked on are account aggregation, file storage, document upload, identification processes and PSDII-led concepts around small business banking. We've also coached companies big and small on how to become seriously Agile.

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We are delighted to work with Aicura to deliver Fintech innovation across our Digital and Product Businesses. They’re able to create amazingly quick solutions built on customer insight and excellent delivery engine. What’s more, they are extremely customer oriented, agile and scalable, making them an ideal fit for projects both large and small. We look forward to working with Aicura as we continue to create and test real, functional innovation for our colleagues and customers.

Head of Change Delivery, Leading UK Challenger Bank


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We donate at least 5% of profits to charity annually - reach out if you want to team up on social projects!


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We work as a mature supplier, working on par with large IT providers and internal IT functions at pace to offer services to some of the UK's largest financial institutions. We've cover a range of solutions, from sandbox hosting and API management to full regulator-approved software delivery. Find out more below:


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